Bamako: A Glimpse of The Backside of The Moon

Posted on 2010/04/21

Malik SidibeA few years back, if asked where is Bamako, I would have been hard pressed to tell you. Obviously that is not the case now, but one more reason to know where this city lies is Malick Sidibé. This amazing photographer hails from the West African capital of Mali where his studio, Studio Malick, has been based since 1958. Seeing his work from the sixties and seventies, is like seeing the backside of the moon, a vision of happy young Africans.

In the autobiographic documentary, Dolce Vita Africana, Sidibé speaks candidly about his personal vision.

“For me, photography is about youth.
It’s a happy world , full of joy, that’s what it is for me.
It’s not some crying kid on a street corner….. or a sick person.
Africa has only known poverty in recent years.
Well in this country at least.”

His photographs capture the carefree spirit of his generation; they take us on a journey of witty snapshots, stylish posers, pattern plays and fabulous moments!

Malik SidibeMalik SidibeMalik SidibeMalik Sidibe

Malick Sidibé is exclusively represented by Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Antwerp.

2008 ICP Award
2007 Golden Lion for Lifetime Achiement, Biennale of Venice
2003  Hasselbad Award Winner

[Images via Fifty One Fine Art Photography]

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