I Am From Lagos Town

Posted on 2010/04/22

I am from Lagos town. Visas, Passports We don’t need them anyway. We are from Lagos town.
Mr. International, I don’t need a visa to go to other countries. The world is my town.

(Excerpt from Afrikan Boy’s latest release Lagos Town)

There is something particularly hilarious listening to this track if you have at any point in your life travelled holding an African Passport of any kind. Crossing borders can become quite the time consuming and harrowing experience. Maybe that is why listening to this song is so funny, as it is far from the reality.

Afrikan Boy aka YOUNG SUNNY ADE born Olushola Ajose is a grime/Afrobeat MC from London, originally from Nigeria. In 2007 he collaborated with M.I.A. on her album KALA.


Listen to hear what he has to say about the African Swagger!

Where is Lagos, the former capital city of Nigeria?

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