Olaf Breuning’s Blog Dragon

Posted on 2010/05/10

Another Africa takes on another form joining the multi-headed beast, the blog dragon on contemporary Swiss artist, Olaf Breuning’s website. Enjoy the scavenger hunt as you click through this virtual wonderland, navigating between the sublime and ridiculous.


Olaf Breuning

Born 1970 in Schaffhausen, Switzerland; lives in New York, New York

Commingling reality and illusion, authenticity and artifice, barbarism and civility, Olaf Breuning creates photographs, films, sculptures, and installations that draw heavily from popular culture and a collective visual iconography. He combines these contemporary aesthetics with more primal shared drives: violence, sexuality, ritual, and companionship. The divergent impulses collide, often with absurd and hilarious results, as Breuning exploits the thin line between humor and pain.

[Excerpt from the 2008 Whitney Biennal]

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