Another Africa started many years ago soon after my family emigrated to Canada. My sister and I were posed the question by our eager new Canadian friends did we ride elephants to school. Granted it was 1987 and the Internet had not yet launched, but we were quite puzzled by the question that we decided to answer in the affirmative. To our greater amazement, our new classmates seemed to believe us. Certainly in some parts of Africa elephants do exist, just not in Mbabane, Swaziland a small bustling town. Many years later, I visited Asmara the capital city of the young nation Eritrea where my family originates from. I was astounded to discover this small hidden city has one of the highest concentrations of Modernist architecture in the world. Discovering this modern yet mostly unknown treasure inspired me to present another vision of Africa. A contemporary vision of Africans, Africa and those related to the continent and its peoples in the areas of culture, art, fashion, architecture, design, music, photography and more…

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